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Ready-made solutions for ventilation systems.

Hard-wired pults, Bluetooth and WiFi modules

For fast and simple scaling of automatics system.

Basis for building your own ventilation control cabinet.

For use with air throttles and water valves.

ELECTROTEST, Polar Bear, Spinbrain, INNOVERT, Lenze



  • Commercial manufacturing
  • 1 day purchasing
  • Free delivery


  • Устойчивость к помехам
  • IP65/54 protection
  • 5 years warranty period


  • Always in rubles
  • Stable for years
  • Partner discounts

9 reasons to buy ELECTROTEST automatics

  • Versatility — our automatics comply with any manufacturer equipment.
  • Quick and easy commissioning. No need for special training.
  • Outstanding operational reliability. Interference elimination, short-circuit protection, and voltage drop protection are provided.
  • Minimal facility completion deadlines.
  • Destocking. Just three types of MASTERBOX automatics module comprise 80% of air handling units.
  • Time-saving for more sophisticated orders.
  • Ergonomic and elegant design of ventilation and conditioning automatics.
  • Patient and highly benevolent engineers at Customers Service.
  • Our equipment being delivered through Russia is free of charge.


MASTERBOX WRR3 instead of WRR2

New ventilation control cabinet MASTERBOX WRR3 takes the place of WRR2 We have stopped producing ventilation control cabinets MASTERBOX WRR2. The new product MASTERBOX WRR3 taking the place of WRR2 is completely identical to it as compared to the technical characteristics and design. The new control cabinets have new processors with the increased memory which will allow us to extend their functionality in the future.

WiFi control is now available for Android devices

WiFi control is now available for Android devices The updated mobile application ElectrotestControl now allows to control ventilation both via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The user can choose the type himself.