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ELECTROTEST is the leading domestic manufacturer of high-quality universal solutions for ventilation systems automatics. The Company successfully operates on the climate equipment market since 2001.

During years of ELECTROTEST ENGINEERING performance at the ventilation automatics market its products won recognition among Russian consumers. Due to the continuous research of emerging technology and element base, the Company’s products are created based on the most advanced and reliable solutions in the electronic field. That particularly provides for the highest level of quality of the equipment being produced.



  • We introduce new technologies and look for out-of-the-box solutions.
  • We are aimed to a mutual communication with the consumer of our products just because such communication only creates the invaluable experience which we incorporate to our advance developments and bring to the existing ones.
  • We highly estimate that with the help of our products you could solve the problems faster, simpler and more efficiently.
  • We take all efforts to make our products, being an embodiment of the high-end solutions, become easy handled and user friendly.
  • Talented, creative and highly professional employees perform in our company whose keynote for the work is to place no limitations for oneself.
  • Our company is confident in our future and has explicit aims and tasks.


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